GlobalHack is a organization drives social impact through technology. They organize events that kickstart community-focused software projects and deliver accessible computer science education opportunities for kids.

Their next event coming up next week will work to reshape the experiences of foreign-born individuals and communities. During the hackathon, participating teams of all levels will work collaboratively with industry experts to build tools, apps and platforms to improve experiences for foreign-born individuals in St. Louis and beyond.

GlobalHack VII Infographic

We're excited to announce TREE Industries has officially registered in the Pro division of the hackathon. One of our primary motivating factors is to build and deliver divergent thinking solutions based on emerging technologies that are geared towards and accessible to those who have not traditionally been able to utilize them. This hackathon should prove to be a worthy challenge that we are eager to take on.

Not sure what "hackathon" is?

Check out the GlobalHack website for more information.