Automatic License Plate Recognition powered by Artificial Intelligence
We deploy and customize state of the art "ALPR" solutions for law enforcement and other organizations.
  • Our license plate recognition solutions are built using the OpenALPR platform. Providing plate detection that is highly accurate, flexible, and affordable. We can deploy static or mobile systems that are hosted in a secure and private cloud, or on-premises giving you maximum control and ownership of your ALPR system.
  • Anytime a plate is recognized by your system a real-time notification will be sent to your computer, text, or email. Suspicious activity can also be monitored automatically with the system sending out alerts that include a brief vehicle history and any other important info related to a particular plate number.
  • The automatic license plate recognition system we offer is based around artificial intelligence and machine learning. Meaning our system is fast, flexible, and can perform many plate detections in faster than real-time. Special hardware is not required, but better hardware typically equals better performance with our system.

Automatic License Plate Recognition In Action

Automatic License Plate Recognition helps improve public safety.
Helping law enforcement improve public safety is one of the greatest benefits that comes from using automatic license plate recognition technology. Here are some videos of real precincts around the USA that are using this technology to create safer communities.