Never Let An Online Lead Slip Though The Cracks Again!
With a Chat Bot powered by Artificial Intelligence, your business can engage with online visitors, customers, and leads 24/7.
  • FaceBook Page
    Have a small business that has a hard time keeping up with FB messages? Now you can easily make sure every message is responded immediately while also providing quicker access to information about your business.
    Website Chat
    Make sure your customers are getting the attention they deserve. By using a Chat Bot that embedded into your current website, your customers can interact with your company, even when it's closed!!
  • Improving efficiency through automation has been happening in industries like manufacturing for a long time. For customer service, chatbots are a great way to help improve response times. While at the same time creating more productivity by being able to assign staff to more creative and important tasks.
  • Our chatbots are built using the open source Botpress platform. This means that you can host through us where your bot will be hosted on your own dedicated, private, and secure Cloud hosting instance. Or your bot can be hosted on-premise allowing your company to have full control and implement a full security policy.
  • Each chatbot is completely self-hosted and does not rely on any 3rd party service in order to work. This means functionality, look & feel, and security can all be completely customized to each client's needs in a fraction of the time it used to take.
  • Our chatbots can interact in a manner very similar to a human. Using the latest "natural language understanding" technologies. Which is just a fancy way of saying each chatbot can understand the intention and other nuances of conversation. This means your chatbot will not feel robotic, but it will still be as smart as one.

Chatbot Features

Here are some of the features included with every chatbot we build.
Natural Language Understanding
SSL Certificate
Custom Domain
Full Ownership

Chatbot Development Pricing

  • Basic
  • Basic Chatbot
  • $1,500
  • This chatbot is great for small businesses or organizations like non-profits or churches to get a great chatbot without paying $10,000 or more.
  • 25 Intents
  • Website Integration
  • Intermediate
  • Intermediate Chatbot
  • $3,000
  • This chatbot is a great solution for medium sized businesses that want Facebook integration for their chatbot.
  • 100 Intents
  • Facebook & Slack Integration
  • Advanced
  • Advanced Chatbot
  • $10,000
  • Meant for larger companies that require a high number of "intents" that their chatbot can understand.
  • 500 Intents
  • Facebook & Slack Integration
  • Custom Platform Integration
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise Chatbot
  • Contact For Pricing
  • Take your corporate chatbot to the next level, we'll tailor the number of "intents" it can understand exactly to your requirements. We can also do advanced integrations with CRM and customer databases.
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