How TREE Industries Can Help You
  • Many businesses have been hesitant to have modern voice assistants such as Alexa or Google installed in their offices. One major reason is privacy concerns. TREE Industries can help your office implement voice assistant technologies that will protect user privacy and securely send conversation data. This is especially crucial in areas like government, corporate, and healthcare related business.
  • Turning your place of business into a Smart Office can greatly increase energy efficiency, productivity, and savings. Our team installs voice activated automation systems that allow full control over a range of smart devices from any cell phone, laptop, or computer. Including advanced features like presence detection, using smart call centers, facial recognition technology, smart locks, and so much more.
  • Control your lights, locks, and thermostat all through the power of your voice. Our private and secure "AI" assistant can help you interact and control a broad range of new smart devices and technologies. At TREE Industries we will never data mine or sell your information to a third party system. You should feel confident with your privacy in your home.
If you or your business have a vision of how you want to see secure and private AI assistants to help with costs with energy savings, security, time management, and or more work production. We are ready to help . Our process is to have your company or home voice activated AI system fit to all of your business or home's needs. Guaranteeing in keeping your business and home updated without your privacy being monitored or sold. Still interested? Feel free to call us or fill out our contact form to ask us how much we can save you today?
Our professional installation service is top knotch. You are with us every step of the way. We want to answer and calm any concerns or questions, before, during, and after installation. We install cutting edge hardware keeping your overall budget in mind. Still interested? Contact us today.
We can develop your business unique "AI" assistant functionality, unlocking voice interaction for just about any scenario. This is now possible for even small to medium sized companies.