Desktop Control Skill

Use your mouse and keyboard with the power of your voice!
Available from the official Mycroft Skills Marketplace, the Desktop Control Skill was built to create a more hands-free experience with a standard desktop, or laptop computer.
  • Mouse Control
    Scroll up and down, move to a screen location, and click the left, right, and middle mouse button by voice.
    Keyboard Control
    Press almost any key, hold down and release keys, and also type all through voice interactions.
    This skill can function like a personal dictation tool simply by saying "type this or that". This feature works best for shorter phrases.
  • Accessibility
    For those with physical disabilities, or other ailments that affect their fine motor skills, using a traditional mouse and keyboard can be extremely difficult, and or frustrating. Custom systems for solving this issue are usually expensive or require special hardware. Our Desktop Control skill is easy to use and can be installed on any bargain laptop or desktop.
    Scroll down a recipe webpage while keeping your hands free to create masterpieces in the kitchen. Dictate right in your email software for a business email while holding your new family addition. This skill is built to help people with disabilities, but is also great for helping everyone become less dependent on their mouse and keyboard.
  • Screen Resolution
    Get your active monitor's screen resolution by voice.
    Copy whatever is selected.
    Paste whatever is selected into the current window and cursor location.
    Cut what is currently selected.
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