EZRA EA (Education Assistant)
EZRA EA is a privacy focused smart assistant for public and private schools, home-schooling coops, district administrators, day cares, DoD schools, government training, or just about any other education environment. Ezra can do things like take attendance, administer sight word, number, and letter assessments, and even give spelling tests to an entire class, all through the power of voice. The basic kit will be affordable for even the most economically disadvantaged school districts.
Centered on Privacy
Much different from the major consumer smart assistants. Ezra EA is built around privacy ensuring that conversations are never stored without consent, and never resold to third parties. We want to build trust around using this great technology to enhance education.
Open Source
Rather than re-inventing the wheel, our education assistant is built using the open source AI platform - Mycroft AI. This means we can focus on real value for education by developing "skills" rather than a whole new platform as well.
The Ezra EA smart assistant at it's most basic version will come as a kit that retails for $500. A fraction of the price of something like a smart board, yet Ezra can do so much more to relieve the pain points of education.

EZRA EA Demonstration Videos