Ezra AI - Smart Assistants With A Purpose
An accessible and affordable line of Smart Assistants tuned to help in industries where it's difficult to use other solutions because of privacy and security concerns.
All of our products are focused on security and privacy. We will never spy on your conversations or sell your information.
Open Source
By utilizing open source technologies, our products will be more accessible and reasonably priced.
Giving Back
Ten percent of all our revenue goes to TREE Education Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to making technology more accessible and open.


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Ezra - Educational Assistant

Most teacher's and school staff are currently burdened with mundane managerial tasks that take time away from what is really important in a nuturing educational environment, and that is engaging students as much as possible. Ezra is a low-cost A.I. powered device whose goal is to give teachers and administrators a full-time aide that can do things such as: take attendance, set reminders, set routines, perform running records, and much more!

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